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Set up your solar lights with the EverGen setup app

The EverGen setup app provides an easy-to-use guide that will help contractors commission each EverGen lighting system onsite. This activation step is required after assembly and installation. Otherwise, the light will not turn on.

Why use an app to set up the EverGen?

  • Fast and easy
  • Clean interface and easy-to-follow instructions
  • No detailed technical knowledge needed
  • Lights are running the same day they are installed
  • No additional site visit required

Watch our video to learn more about the EverGen setup app.


>> Learn more about the EverGen.


Frequently asked questions


What type of device can I use the app on?

The app is available for both Android and Apple devices. Check the appropriate store for specific device compatibility.


How does the app work?

The app uses Bluetooth® wireless technology to test and commission each light in your project or multiple projects.* Just stand close to a light and follow the onscreen instructions to complete setup in minutes. Keep your product order information handy in case you need it during setup.

Insight remote monitoring: The system uses GPS technology and satellite connectivity to pinpoint system faults and performance levels, sending automatic notifications to your dashboard for a reliable, smarter system that lasts.


What if I don’t have a WiFi or satellite signal at my project location?

If you don’t have wireless internet access onsite, use the app to scan the product order number while within wireless internet range to allow the app to download product information. Activation can then take place onsite without a wireless signal. 


*Operator data charges may apply. Use a WiFi connection or unlimited data plan if possible to avoid charges.


Download the app

The EverGen Setup App is available for both iOS and Android. Click the correct button below to visit your app store and get started commissioning your project.

Download the iOS app

download on the app store icon

Download the Android App

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Get support for the app

Find support in our manual. Download the PDF manual for the iOS and Android setup apps.

Download the User Manual for the EverGen Setup App

evergen setup app user manual thumbnail