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Goldman Sonnenfeldt Foundation donates solar-powered LED Lights to Hayground School

New York (January 2016) Goldman Sonnenfeldt Foundation has donated solar powered LED pathway lighting to Hayground School, Bridgehampton, New York.  The LED solar lights were provided by Sol, Inc., a subsidiary of Carmanah Technologies Corp. (TSX:CMH).  Mr. Michael Sonnenfeldt is the Chairman of Carmanah Technologies and its largest shareholder.

Hayground School provides an open community where conventional teaching methods have been replaced with new ways of learning and teaching. It should come as no surprise that Hayground is also ahead of the game in their campus pathway and parking lot lighting, introducing solar, by way of a donation by Goldman Sonnenfeldt Foundation, when the school was first established.

Years later in December 2015, a lighting upgrade of 9 new state-of-the-art Sol, Inc. lights were installed on internal pathways at Hayground. These lights have been welcomed by all users of the school, including the neighbors who appreciate the discreet and tasteful light which Sol Inc. solar LED systems provide. The older lights are still working and have been relocated to the properties perimeter.

“As the school develops and is hosting more and more campus events, the lights have been a great addition to increasing campus safety in an incredibly efficient and aesthetically pleasing way,” said Jonathan Snow, the Director of Arts at Hayground School. “We are grateful for the generous support of Goldman Sonnenfeldt Foundation that has made this possible.”

“We are happy that we have been able to help Hayground School with its outdoor lighting needs,” said Michael Sonnenfeldt.  “We are even happier that the students of Hayground will be able to have firsthand experience of sustainable solar lighting in their formative years.”

Sol, Inc. solar LED illumination solutions have lit thousands of pathways, parking areas, and parking lots for cutting edge environmentally focused customers worldwide since 1990. The Sol Inc. lighting solution is easy to install with no trenching, cabling or electrical system connection.  Installations are easy to accomplish often by a general contractor. In Hayground School’s case the lights were installed by their team, and were up and running within a matter of hours.

The impetus for this donation is to showcase the progress solar lighting has made.  Sonnenfeldt said “We have finally reached the point where in, perhaps, a majority of the new parking lots and pathways of the United States, it is simply cheaper and better to install solar lighting, because the cost of trenching wiring repaving and hookup all are greater than the cost of the solar power system. While it is true there are no ongoing energy bills, that savings roughly offsets the cost of replacing the battery every 5-10 years, but the economic impetus is simply the up front savings the less expensive solar option provides.”

About Goldman Sonnenfeldt

The Goldman Sonnenfeldt Foundation was founded in 1998 by Michael Sonnenfeldt and his wife Katja Goldman. The Foundation was organized to support activities primarily focused on the environment, international security and peace, education, and local communal activities.

About Carmanah Technologies

Headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, Carmanah produces a portfolio of products focused on energy optimized LED and solar technologies. We design, develop and distribute energy efficient LED solutions for infrastructure including: signaling systems for the marine aids to navigation, airfield ground lighting, offshore wind marking, aviation obstruction and traffic markets.  Carmanah’s product portfolio also includes industrial and commercial solar powered outdoor LED lighting systems, and the engineering and construction management of solar on and off-grid power generation systems.

Since 1996, we have earned a global reputation for delivering strong and effective products for industrial applications that perform reliably in some of the world’s harshest environments. Our LED and solar power systems provide durable, dependable, efficient and cost-effective solutions which have been deployed in over 400,000 installations in 110 countries. The Carmanah brand portfolio includes Go Power! and recently acquired companies, Sol and Sabik.

About Hayground School

Located in Bridgehampton, New York, the mission at Hayground School is to provide an open, community school where conventional teaching methods are replaced by new ways of teaching and learning. They are committed to a program of innovation in a community of diversity, both economical and cultural. Hayground has been operating for over 20 years.

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Hayground School:
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