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Los Angeles, California Neighborhood Goes Solar with Carmanah Solar Street Lights

A neighborhood in Sun Valley Los Angeles, California has installed Carmanah EverGEN 1520 solar street lighting as part of a neighborhood greening project. The solar LED lighting systems have been installed to provide illumination on a residential roadway.

Meeting IESNA RP-8 recommendations, the EverGEN 1520 solar street lighting units will provide bright, reliable illumination for residents of Elmer Avenue. Operating free of the electrical grid, the solar LED lights will reduce the overall carbon footprint of the neighborhood and will eliminate electrical bills associated with lighting the street.

The solar street lights are part of a larger greening project focused on best management practices that are taking the public infrastructure of the neighborhood off-the-grid in more than one way. In addition to removing street lighting from grid connections with the installation of Carmanah EverGEN solar LED street lighting, the project also provided water management infrastructure that diverts water away from the city’s stormwater drainage system. Instead, water is now captured and infiltrated or re-used.

Carmanah EverGEN solar LED lighting systems are becoming a powerful part the greening efforts of many municipalities and can play a key role in taking infrastructure off the electrical grid in a reliable and cost-effective manner.

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