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Phoenix, Arizona intersection made safer with solar-powered street lights

intersection in phoenix, arizona with solar-powered street lights

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Project Scope: Solar LED street lighting for an unlit intersection at the entrance to the Desert Botanical Gardens and Phoenix Zoo

Products used: EverGEN™ 1500 solar LED street lights

Overview: Due to darkness, a popular intersection situated at the entrance to the Desert Botanical Gardens and the Phoenix Zoo had proven to be dangerous to drivers using the road at night. Traditional AC-powered lighting was not an option as the nearest underground utilities were located over a mile away and trenching was deemed difficult due to the rocky desert terrain.

Carmanah was able to solve the location and trenching problems by outfitting the intersection with a series of EverGEN™ 1500 solar LED lighting systems. The new street lights increased the safety of the intersection while simultaneously avoiding the need to trench for electrical cables. The Dark Sky compliant lights provided significant cost savings and diminished disruptions to the flow of traffic near these popular tourist attractions.

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