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Queensland, Australia certifies Carmanah’s solar commercial street lights for its roadway lighting

solar-powered commercial street light with sun behind it on the side of the road with dump trucks driving by

Location: Queensland, Australia

Lighting Agent: Orion Solar

Products used: EverGEN™ 320 solar LED street lights

Overview: After an initial installation of 10 Carmanah Solar LED lighting systems, the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads has certified the Carmanah EG series for roadway lighting across the state. The EG series was able to meet required light levels while eliminating the need for trenching in a country where utility infrastructure can be unavailable or costly to access. The lighting systems are also able to withstand the wide range of temperatures and environmental extremes that Australia has to offer.

Orion Solar, Carmanah’s authorized distributor for Australia, was selected as the supplier for all of the state of Queensland’s EG series solar lighting installations. The current set of EG systems installed, and all future ones, are configured for the location they are deployed in using optimal solar insolation values, resulting in more efficient products.

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