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Location: Mayo Clinic in North Phoenix, Arizona

Client : Arizona State University and the Mayo Clinic

Local Partner : RC Lurie

Products used: EverGen-M Series with the Acuity DSX0 fixture in a warmer 3000k color temperature



Arizona State University and the Mayo Clinic have recently partnered to create The Health Futures Center. This move represents the latest collaboration in a nearly two-decade-long partnership between the two organizations.

The Health Futures Center is located off-campus and beside the neighboring Mayo Clinic in North Phoenix, Arizona. Its overall purpose is to improve health outcomes for the community. In addition, it provides opportunities for the North Phoenix community to work in a world-class learning, research, and innovation environment. The facility features cutting-edge technology, including biomedical and informatics research labs, a med-tech innovation accelerator, and an innovative education zone.


Project Requirements

The Health Futures Center is planned to be connected to the Mayo Clinic via a desert pathway. Staff, visitors, and patients will be able to use this pathway to easily move between the Health Futures Center and the Mayo Clinic. The first phase of the pathway is completed, with future phases to follow.

In this first phase of the pathway, there were challenges to overcome. The Health Futures Center did not want to disrupt any of the local terrain or natural vegetation when installing new lighting system. In addition to preserving the local environment, they wanted a cost-effective solution that would install quickly without the need for trenching or cabling.


Sol Provides the Solar Solution

It was decided that solar lighting was the best solution to illuminate the desert pathway connecting The Mayo Clinic and the Health Futures Center, which fulfills the Health Futures Center’s mission of improving health and wellbeing outcomes through sustainability.

The customer wanted to implement the latest solar technology to showcase the new property and ensure the safety of every pedestrian who walked the path. In addition, it was crucial for there to be dusk-to-dawn all-night illumination (without dimming), ensuring that the pathway would be well lit throughout the night.

Sol was chosen as the solar lighting provider because of its proven track record for providing high-quality solar lighting products with an industry-leading warranty.

Sol met the pathway’s lighting requirements and supplied an EverGEN-M solution with the Acuity DSX0 fixture in a warmer 3000k color temperature. These EverGEN-M units were installed on steel direct burial poles and provided dusk-to-dawn illumination. The EverGEN-M units are also equipped with Insight Satellite Monitoring, so that the operation of all components can be viewed remotely.


Results for The Health Futures Center

Seventeen solar fixtures were added to the desert pathway. As a result of Sol’s installation, the desert pathway is safely illuminated for pedestrian traffic, while showcasing the Health Futures Center’s commitment to sustainability.


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