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Solar LED lighting cuts down LA bike path vandalism

Solar pathway lights in Los Angeles

Location: Los Angeles, California

Client: City of Los Angeles

Lighting Agent: David Silverman & Associates

Overview: Established in 2009, the LA River Bike Path was previously lit with grid-powered AC high intensity discharge (HID) fixtures. Copper theft left sections of the path dark after dusk, which prompted City officials to seek a solution that would relieve security and usability concerns, and avoid routine copper wire replacements.

Solar pathway lights at night in Los AngelesProject: Working with local lighting agent David Silverman & Associates and Carmanah, the City turned to solar-powered pathway lighting as a solution, installing over 100 EverGENTM 1710 systems. Its self-contained design met the performance and reliability requirements of the bike path, and addressed the City’s security and vandalism concerns.

Products used: EverGENTM 1710

The Carmanah solar-powered lights gave us exactly what we needed, and we avoided the high cost and associated risk of copper wiring. The integrated design with all the electronics, batteries, solar panels, and luminaire at the top of the pole makes the systems very theft resistant.” – Kerney Marine, Project Manager, City of Los Angeles


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