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Build a more resilient, sustainable city with solar outdoor lighting

3 reasons solar outdoor lighting helps future-proof your city


Our world is growing increasingly connected with the goal of improving IoT communications to stimulate positive change for a higher quality of life. Don’t get left behind—stay informed to ensure you make good choices for a smarter, more sustainable city. Why will solar outdoor lighting help future-proof your city?

1. Your community desires smart technology.

smart city infographic

2. You can adapt your resources to the ever-changing community landscape.


  • Green spaces: As the need for green spaces and shared community areas grow, proper illumination can help increase the value of parks by extending usable hours to accommodate more people.
  • Streets: More development means more cars and busier roads. Municipalities may find themselves between a rock and a hard place when attempting to accommodate all forms of commuter traffic. Proper illumination can help address safety concerns in existing parking lots or residential streets.
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3. You can be part of a dramatic environmental impact.


Today, the US has about 38 million street lights using 31 MWh of electricity per year. If just half of those lights were switched to solar power with LED bulbs, the environmental impact would equate to the removal of more than 2 million cars from the road.

2 million cars removed

Don’t get stuck in the past with technology that isn’t keeping up with the times.


The lighting landscape is advancing, much like the landscape evolved for phone technology. Using grid-connected lighting is like using a land line for your phone: it works, but it’s limited by location, features, and connectivity. Solar lighting is flexible, it works anywhere, and it offers smart connectivity to keep you informed. And that means you’ll provide better service for the people you serve.


>> See how the City of Spokane used solar lights to future-proof their city with flexible lighting in a municipal parking lot.


Don’t get stuck in the past.



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