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News January 2021

Introducing the iSSL and UP Series solar lights


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Providing greater reliability at more affordable costs


Sol is excited to announce the availability of two new solar lighting products: Sunna Design’s iSSL Series and UP Series.


In March 2020, Sol was acquired by Sunna Design, a solar lighting company with operations spanning three continents and over 100,000 solar installations deployed throughout 60 countries. Sunna specializes in solar energy management for both industrial and plug-and-play lighting systems. With combined experience of over 30 years, Sol and Sunna continue to advance their shared vision of delivering smart solar solutions for the cities of today and tomorrow.


By adding Sunna’s iSSL and UP Series product ranges to Sol’s catalog alongside the proven EverGen M Series, Sol now provides the most comprehensive range of solar lighting products and services in North America. This diverse selection creates greater lighting efficiency and reliability at even more affordable costs.

Sunna Design’s innovative solar lighting systems


Backed by 14 patents and 11 international awards, including nods from both MIT and Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Sunna’s iSSL and UP Series are excellent complements to Sol’s established solar lighting products. While the modular EverGen brings unequalled reliability and performance to a solar light, the iSSL and UP are easy-to-deploy and cost-effective alternatives for pathways, parks, temporary installations, and more—all without compromising on lighting performance.


The iSSL Series is a unique, all-in-one solar lighting system. Every component, including the solar panel, battery, energy management system and LED modules, is housed in a sleek, compact enclosure mounted at the top of the pole, parallel to the ground. A fully plug-and-play lighting solution, the iSSL is ideal for parks, pathways, and general area lighting applications where there is a lot of sunshine.


The UP Series uses an all-in-two design, meaning the complete solar light is comprised of just two parts: a solar panel enclosure—which includes the panel, batteries, and energy management system—and a separate LED luminaire. This hardware layout supports third-party fixture compatibility, allowing decorative or other project or location-specific luminaires to be used. The UP Series is ideal for residential streets, parking lots, and general area lighting applications, where the tilt in the solar panel provides extra energy production for larger light loads.

What makes the iSSL and UP series so unique?


  • Guaranteed performance: Patented adaptive lighting algorithms prevent unexpected blackouts, guaranteeing light every night of the year.
  • Quick delivery and setup: Unique battery technology and form factor allows for fast air shipping. Light your location in 20 minutes with plug-and-play installation and a simple commissioning mobile app.
  • Resilient design: Originally built for dry, hot climates like Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, these lights can operate optimally under extreme temperatures and conditions. Breakaway nuts and bolts prevent component theft.
  • Flexible lighting options: Various light distribution and color temperature options make for a lighting solution that can match nearly any project configuration.

Possible applications


This new comprehensive product portfolio strengthens Sol’s ability to offer cost-competitive lighting solutions for every project, without compromising on performance.


The iSSL & UP series are ideal for:


ISSL best for


The EverGen M Series is the best choice for:


EverGEN best for

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