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News April 2021

SOL announces 10-year warranty on all its products


10 year warranty

Industry Leading 10 Year Warranty


While the majority of commercial solar light manufacturers around the world struggle with providing 3 to 5-year warranties, SOL is excited to announce that its award-winning iSSL All-in-One Series and UP All-in-Two Series now benefit from the same 10-Year Municipal Grade Warranty as its EverGen M solar lighting system.


Our all-in-one and all-in-two solar lights have been designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. With 100,000+ units installed around the globe in the most extreme environments, we are confident that your SOL solar light will work over the long term.

This industry-leading 10-year warranty offers SOL by Sunna Design customers with greater levels of quality assurance and value across the board.

Sol in municipalities

History of Leadership


SOL and Sunna Design have a history of leading on quality and comprehensive product warranty protection.


3 Year Comprehensive Warranty: The industry offered all-in-one solar system warranties with 1 to 2-year coverage. Sunna Design, SOL’s parent company launched the iSSL+ with a 3-year comprehensive warranty, in real-life conditions of use, anywhere in the world, thanks to the use of its aerospace-grade NiMH battery.


6 Year Comprehensive Warranty: When most manufacturers were offering a 5-years warranty on the systems, but only 3 years on the batteries, SOL was already offering 10-years on its EverGen M solar lighting system, and Sunna Design a comprehensive 6-years warranty on its new generation of iSSL & UP solar street lights.


10 Year Comprehensive Warranty: With tens of thousands of iSSL & UP units deployed around the world, and after multiple generations of improvements to its technology, SOL by Sunna Design now offers the industry-leading 10-Year Warranty on the complete system, including the battery, to align with the warranty of its EverGen product. SOL becomes the first company in North America to offer such a long warranty on an all-in-one solar light.

EverGen lighting

Beneficiaries of a Strong Warranty:




A 10-year warranty protects facility owners and managers who have places that need lighting 365 nights a year without interruption, such as residential streets and roadways, parks, pathways, and city parking lots.




A 10-year warranty benefits Energy Service Provider Companies (ESCOs), commercial lighting solutions providers, and companies providing Solar Lighting as a Service (SLaaS) programs.



For performance contracts, the service providers are often required to keep the lights on. As a result, longer warranty and more reliable products help reduce their maintenance and replacement costs. Furthermore, as financing plans for renewable energy lighting become increasingly popular, many lenders are requiring warranties that do not have the “fine print,” giving the manufacturers a way out of replacing failed technology. Naturally, lenders also desire solar lights warranty coverage to match their financing terms. A strong, comprehensive, and long system warranty for the lights is favorable.



For full details regarding this warranty, review Our Technology page.

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