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Reliable Solar Backup and Safety Lighting Solutions


flooding in streets

Sol and Carmanah offer a range of products to help during disaster relief—and during the rebuilding process.


Planning for the worst is not something anyone looks forward to, but it is a necessary part of running cities, militaries, schools, and businesses. This is especially true for those in high-risk zones for events like wildfires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, or earthquakes. If you are tasked with ensuring safety when disaster strikes, backup and safety lighting is likely a key point on your contingency plan.
Sol and our parent company, Carmanah, are no strangers to disaster relief assistance—both organizations have provided solar lighting solutions for a variety of infrastructure applications during and after emergencies, especially in the US portion of Hurricane Alley, along the Atlantic Coast, where hurricane season can result in millions or billions of dollars in damage to infrastructure.


After Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the Gulf Coast with 140 mph winds, Carmanah provided more than 500 lights, many of which were used to restore lighting on railway bridges, marine shipping channels, and on existing helicopter landing pads for safe transport of personnel and supplies. Meanwhile, Sol provided security lights at Louisiana’s main emergency response and staging camp. Our reliable solar backup and safety lighting was easy to install quickly without requiring large work crews or specialized equipment.


More than just a solution during disaster relief, Sol’s solar street, park, security, and parking lot lighting is an effective choice for regions that may be prone to strong winds: the EverGen M Series is built to withstand 170 mph wind loads. Since solar lighting does not require underground infrastructure or connection to the grid, it also can withstand flooding, power outages, or other events that would threaten the reliability of grid-connected lights and put safety at risk.
Whether you are dealing with a flood, hurricane, earthquake, or another emergency, you can be confident that Sol and Carmanah’s solar backup and safety lighting solutions are built tough and guaranteed to perform in just about any extreme conditions.

Explore some of our solar backup and safety lighting solutions:


  • Airfield lights: Portable and/or temporary lighting for runways and helipads in disaster zones ensure reliability with the flexibility of easy redeployment in another location; alternatively, lights can be stored to ensure emergency preparedness for a potential future emergency.
  • Obstruction lights: Ensure visibility of buildings, equipment, temporary roads, and other potential hazards, especially those that may not have existed before.
  • Marine lights: Self-contained aids to navigation can restore direction and safely guide boats and ships through waterways, ports, and beach landing areas.
  • Security lights: During blackouts or security threats, ensure uninterrupted light without using costly generators in camps and on streets or other communal areas. Extreme tested street and park lighting is built to withstand hurricane-force wind and endure other severe weather.
  • Traffic beacons: Especially helpful during the rebuilding process, solar-powered traffic beacons are an economical solution that avoids costs of trenching and other asset replacements.

In the United States, September is Emergency Preparedness Month, a perfect time to consider solar-powered lighting solutions for both permanent and temporary applications. Download our brochure  to explore all our solutions for emergency preparedness and disaster response.


>> Download our Emergency Response brochure now

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