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Riverside trail remains undisturbed with solar pathway lighting

Wray Colorado solar pathway lighting

Location: Wray, Colorado

Client: City of Wray, Colorado

Installer: WSI Lighting, Inc.

Overview: In the middle of the flat prairies of northeastern Colorado, the rolling hills and shady lanes of Wray are a welcome sight. The Republican River flows through the town, with a pathway meandering alongside for over two miles. Being so close to the river presented some unique challenges for the project. Trenching would have been problematic with all the groundwater present, so installing a grid-powered lighting system would have been very expensive. Without the additional cost of trenching and wiring, solar pathway lighting fit the bill perfectly.

Project: Sol’s GreenWay™ solar pathway lighting was selected to ensure an enjoyable and safe walkway. Sol designed 71 of these solar lights to illuminate just under two miles of the trails and bike paths. The Dark-Sky Compliant lighting helped focus the light with little trespassing into unwanted areas, minimizing the negative impacts of artificial lighting on wildlife.

Wray Colorado solar pathway lightingWSI Lighting, a local installer, was selected to install the system. There was minimal disruption to the pathway and surrounding area, and once installed, the outdoor solar lights were up and running that night.

Previously, only a few nearby streetlights illuminated a portion of the pathway; now, the residents of Wray now feel much safer thanks to the improved lighting.

Products used: GreenWay™, 125 watt series with 17.5 watt LED and Type V Fixture

The solar and battery application allowed us to install lighting without installing underground power lines to the light poles.” ­– Stan Holmes, City Manager of Wray


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