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Solar-powered LED illuminated pathway

Location: Whatcom County, Bellingham, Washington

Client: Lummi Nation

pathway & park lighting

Overview: Haxton Way had the highest rate of traffic fatalities on the Lummi Nation Indian Reservation. The Lummi Nation sought a lighting system for Haxton Way Trail, a three-mile pathway built alongside the road to help eliminate those traffic fatalities. Safety was the most important requirement for this project, says Robert H. Pell, Project Manager for the Lummi Nation Planning Division. In addition, the Lummi Nation wanted to find cost-effective lighting that would also preserve the sensitive wetlands in the area.

Project: The trail was marked with 70 EG 1710 outdoor solar pathway lights. This solution increases energy efficiency, improves cost savings, and preserves the dark sky when the trail is not in use. “Carmanah solar lighting allowed us to succeed in providing light where it was needed while protecting the delicate environment surrounding the trail,” says Pell. The intent is that other Tribes throughout the country will be able to launch similar projects for solar pathway lights using sustainable technologies. 

Partner: Illuminating Resource LLC

Products Used: Carmanah EG 1710 solar LED lights


Hopefully, this project will become a model for other Tribes and communities, showing that community-driven initiatives like this can happen.” – Robert H. Pell, Project Manager, Lummi Nation Planning Division


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