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iSSL® Series All-in-One Solar Lighting System

iSSL® is the world’s most reliable all-in-one solar lighting solution and the result of 10 years of research and development.
All the products in the iSSL® range offer unrivaled performance, thanks to its high-density NiMH battery technology and patented energy management system (EMS) that ensure optimal efficiency throughout the year.

Fully plug & play, the installation of a lamp post has never been as simple and quick as with the iSSL® range. Available in three sizes, iSSL® is a solar-powered lighting solution perfectly suited for parks, pathways, parking lots, and general area applications.

iSSL® is the only all-in-one solar light to offer multiple lighting optics combined with custom lighting profile programming, allowing the product to be tailored to each of your projects.



  • 10-years warranty: As a testament to its quality, the iSSL series is the all-in-one solar light with the longest warranty on the market.
  • Anti-blackout feature: the iSSL® features proprietary adaptive lighting algorithms that adjust the light flow automatically to ensure proper lighting throughout the night, all year long.
  • Theft-proof: Components are placed within the housing, at the top of the pole, to prevent theft. The mounting bracket cannot be removed from the pole without appropriate equipment (theft-prevention kits are available on request).
  • Reduced installation time: Thanks to its plug & play design, it only takes 20 minutes to install a light, pole included. There are no special skills needed. Reduced time to install = reduced project cost.
  • Built to resist even the most severe weather: Because of its unique battery technology and patented passive cooling system, the iSSL® series will operate consistently whether in the middle of the desert or surrounded by ice and snow.
  • The only integrated solar light that can be air-shipped: The iSSL® has been designed to be deployed quickly, anywhere around the world. It doesn’t use materials classified as dangerous goods by the FAA and can therefore be shipped by air.
  • Incredible reliability: 100% of our systems are tested before they leave the factory. Our latest calculations show a 0.5% failure rate, based on the 25,000 units deployed since 2015. In the rare case of product failure, a complete replacement is provided to minimize downtime and impact on users.

iSSL Range

4 Reasons to choose the iSSL® solar street light series

1. We build it tough, with a 10-year warranty.

Our iSSL Series was designed to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. With thousands of units installed around the globe in the most extreme environments, we are confident your iSSL solar light will work over the long term. To prove that we stand behind our product and its performance, we include a 10-year municipal-grade warranty on the entire system, including the battery. We are the only solar lighting manufacturer to offer a 10-year warranty on an all-in-one system.

iSSL System Longevity

iSSL and UP fast installation

2. Light(n)ing fast installation.

Aside from the fixture, all the components of the iSSL® are contained in the housing, making it extremely quick to install and fully plug & play. It takes on average less than 20 minutes to deploy a iSSL® light, pole included.

3. Smart Lighting Management: a solar light that doesn’t run out of juice.

With patented built in intelligence, our lights gather weather data from the previous few days while constantly monitoring the amount of energy available in the battery system. It automatically combines this information to regulate light flow and avoid any interruption in lighting service. A truly SMART street light – always on and always thinking.

Operating profile with motion sensor

4. Extreme weather resistance.

Our lights are engineered to withstand up to Category 5 hurricanes and to work effectively at temperatures between -40 °F and +158 °F, making them the ideal street lighting solution almost anywhere in the world.

iSSL Series Solar Light Installations

Pathway & Park Lights

Sol by Sunna Design participated to the Rehabilitation of Moch Couoh Park, Campeche, Mexico where we deployed 58 iSSL Maxi Area. Our all-in-one products design perfectly complies with the historic site strict aesthetic requirements.

Residential area Lighting

Renishaw Hills is a mature lifestyle residential village located in South Africa, where Sol was selected to deploy 100 iSSL+ to light the roadway leading to the compound.

Sports facilities Lighting

In Orlando, Florida, members of the Out of Door Tennis Academy train at night on two courses lit only by our iSSL Maxi4.

Technical Downloads & Specifications

Specification Sheet

iSSL+ | iSSL Maxi | iSSL Maxi 4

User Manuals

iSSL+ | iSSL Maxi | iSSL Maxi 4

CAD/SketchUp File

Overview Brochure

iSSL+ | iSSL Maxi | iSSL Maxi 4