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News January 2019

EverGen featured in Electrical Business Magazine

Thanks to high demand and lower costs, more cities are turning to IoT solutions for lighting, providing data for effective monitoring and reporting. Learn how Carmanah’s Sol outdoor lighting and Globalstar’s monitoring technology work together to become a complete solution in this article from Electrical Business magazine.

Excerpt from the article (January 2018 edition):

As the IoT (internet of things) revolution continues, it presents an ever-growing range of innovations emerging on the commercial lighting and power supply front, where data-gathering sensors have long been an integral part of daily operations.


From the status of streetlights to exception-based reporting at a remote site, the intelligence that can be gained through satellite-based remote monitoring and reporting is invaluable in reducing costs and improving efficiency.


As with any industrial IoT application, the challenge with smart commercial lighting is the need for consistent and reliable remote access to data for effective monitoring and troubleshooting. While LTE is typically the communications infrastructure of choice, it is not always feasible from a logistical and/or financial standpoint when operations and facilities are located off the grid.

When dealing with larger-scale operations that include remote locations in different jurisdictions, the cost of delivering and managing cellular connectivity can quickly escalate, and can require managing multiple service providers. An added issue is the operational challenge and cost of deploying workers to field locations for routine maintenance or troubleshooting.


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