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News May 2012

Mexico President Inaugurates Puebla Park Featuring Carmanah EG-Series Solar LED Outdoor Lights



On May 5th, Mexican delegates including President Felipe Calderón and the Puebla state governor celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Puebla with the inauguration of Paseo Ribereño Park, one of many emblematic landmarks in the anniversary celebrations and residence to over 400 EG-series solar outdoor lighting systems designed by Carmanah Technologies Corp (Sol). The celebration, which commemorates a state-wide historical event, included the inauguration of major urban infrastructures, a civic parade, cultural festivities, and a nationally-televised concert. The event also hosted a list of international delegates and guests. In preparation for the grand opening, the State ordered an additional 80 Carmanah (Sol) EG320 solar LED outdoor lighting systems for “Los Fuertes”, a historically significant area where celebrations took place, for a total deployment of 469 systems valued at over $1.2M USD.


The EG-series solar outdoor light was selected by Mexico officials to illuminate the City’s Paseo Ribereño (Riverside) park, which spans almost 5.2 kilometers along the Atoyac River. The EG-series met light output requirements to improve safety of the park while presenting an excellent economic argument to go solar as a result of lower product and installation costs in comparison with AC-powered alternatives.  In addition to preserving the natural landscape by eliminating the need to dig hard-wired lighting throughout the park, the EG-series stringent backlight controls and dark-sky friendly fixture will preserve the natural habitat surrounding the public walkway areas. The project was won jointly by Carmanah (Sol) and local partner Semex, S.A. de C.V.

The Carmanah (Sol) EG-series solar LED outdoor lighting portfolio is the company’s latest generation of reliable and cost-effective solar LED lighting products specifically designed for cost-sensitive and developing regions of the world. The EG-series solar engines are specified for their location and power high-efficiency LED luminaires which are available in standard IES distribution types II, III, IV, V, and flood.

“We’re thrilled that our EG solar light met the needs of the parks that are included in such a historic celebration,” said Bruce Cousins, Carmanah (Sol) CEO. “This additional installment in Puebla with Semex validates the potential for solar lighting and highlights Carmanah’s (Sol) technology at international levels.”

In 2010, Carmanah Technologies (Sol) and Semex entered into a manufacturing and distribution agreement to allow both companies to bring leading-edge solar outdoor lighting technologies to Mexico as well as better serve major clients across the country.



About Semex

Semex is a leading developer and manufacturer of highway safety and traffic products serving customers worldwide for the past 50 years. Semex is part of the Signal Group’s companies (www.signalgp.com). For more information, visit www.semex.com.mx.

About Sol 

Sol is North America’s leading solar lighting brand, with 30,000+ solar lights installed in the United States and more than 100,000 globally. Sol is a subsidiary of Sunna Design, a global leader in solar energy management for autonomous and connected applications.

Our company engineers and manufactures a complete range of all-in-one and modular solar lighting solutions for cities, militaries, and commercial properties. Our innovative design and product reliability are part of Sol’s DNA. With 23 patents and 12 international awards, the company has a history of leading in quality. Sol stands behind its system sizing and product performance and backs it with an industry-leading 10-year warranty.



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