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Featured Articles   4 July 2023

Sol by Sunna Design: Illuminating a Sustainable Future for Local Governments


Local governments across the nation are embracing a brighter and greener future with Sol by Sunna Design’s groundbreaking solar lighting solutions. Recognizing the unique pain points municipalities face, Sol offers innovative products that tackle challenges such as reducing infrastructure costs, providing reliable off-grid operation, eliminating carbon emissions, and combating copper theft.

Innovative Solar Lighting Solutions Addressing Key Pain Points: Cost, Resilience, Sustainability, and Security





  1. Reducing Infrastructure Costs

Infrastructure costs pose a significant burden on local governments, draining valuable resources. Sol by Sunna Design provides an ideal solution by eliminating the need for extensive electrical infrastructure. Their solar lighting solutions operate independently, powered by the sun’s energy, thereby saving municipalities from the costly installation of electrical wiring and grid connections. With Sol’s all-in-one and modular solar lighting options, local governments can reduce infrastructure expenses without compromising lighting quality and coverage.


  1. Reliable Off-Grid Operation

In natural disasters or grid failures, ensuring uninterrupted lighting is crucial for public safety and security. Sol by Sunna Design’s solar lighting systems is designed to work even when the grid is down. Equipped with intelligent energy management systems and high-capacity batteries, these solutions provide reliable illumination during emergencies, ensuring essential areas such as streets, parks, and public spaces remain well-lit. Even in challenging circumstances, local governments can rely on Sol’s resilient solar lighting solutions to maintain public safety and confidence.

  1. Zero Carbon Emissions

As the world strives to combat climate change, local governments play a vital role in reducing carbon emissions within their communities. Sol by Sunna Design’s solar lighting solutions provides a sustainable alternative to traditional electrical lighting, significantly reducing carbon footprint. By harnessing the sun’s power, Sol’s lighting systems produce zero carbon emissions during operation, helping local governments achieve their environmental sustainability goals while providing efficient and effective illumination for their communities.


  1. Combating Copper Theft

Copper theft is a persistent issue local governments face, resulting in financial losses and compromised infrastructure. Sol by Sunna Design’s solar lighting solutions eliminate this concern entirely. With no electrical wiring or copper components required, there is no incentive for thieves to target the lighting installations. By choosing Sol’s solar-powered lighting, local governments can secure their lighting assets, reduce theft risk, and allocate their resources to other pressing needs within the community.


Sol by Sunna Design understands the unique pain points faced by local governments and offers tailored solar lighting solutions that directly address these challenges. With a comprehensive product portfolio, including all-in-one and modular options, Sol provides cost-effective and reliable lighting solutions that reduce infrastructure costs, operate off-grid, produce zero carbon emissions, and mitigate the risk of copper theft.

“Local governments are at the forefront of sustainable development and public service,” says Shelbie Weigel, a representative of Sol by Sunna Design. “We are proud to partner with municipalities nationwide, empowering them with solar lighting solutions that alleviate pain points and contribute to a cleaner and safer environment. Sol is committed to illuminating a sustainable future for all.”


By embracing Sol by Sunna Design’s solar lighting solutions, local governments can enhance public safety, reduce operating costs, meet sustainability goals, and secure their lighting infrastructure. Sol’s dedication to innovation and sustainability makes them the ideal partner for local governments looking to create a brighter, more resilient future for their communities.



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