Solar for our national parks

Today, the National Park Service (NPS) maintains more than 5,500 miles of paved road, 1,400 bridges and tunnels, and 4,500 multi-use trails, but an aging transportation system and a maintenance backlog of $11.6 billion across the National Park System means these roadways and other infrastructure need upgrades. Sol solar lighting is a versatile solution for all lighting needs for national parks, historic sites, or memorials—and it can do so without adding to the maintenance budget in the long term. Solar lighting costs are on par with grid-connected lights, but without the added unknown costs of trenching for wiring and electricity bills, making it a cost-effective upgrade that also shows a commitment to green technology.

Increase the sense of safety for park users by adding well-placed lighting. Choosing a solar option can provide this benefit with minimal effect on the natural environment, since underground wiring is not required. Dark-sky friendly fixtures don’t increase light pollution, and they can dim during low-use hours, ensuring the light is only on when and where it’s needed. Plus, robust solar lights require minimal on-site maintenance, and the included remote monitoring helps teams easily oversee the entire park, including challenging or difficult-to-access park locations, from one central hub.

Light your roads. Light your visitor centers. Light your parking lots. Light all your national park infrastructure.


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