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Lights are an essential part of everyday life. We rely on lights for everything, including walking in parking lots and pathways at nighttime.

There are two options for lighting systems: solar lights and traditional incandescent lights. While they offer the same fundamental feature of lighting up the dark, there are many distinct advantages to choosing a solar lighting solution for streetlights and other outdoor lighting areas.

Knowing the advantages of solar lighting can help you make the best decision about whether now the right time is to transition from using a traditional lighting source to a more sustainable lighting source – solar energy.

Advantage 1: A Sustainable Energy Source

The first advantage of solar lighting is that it is a sustainable solution. Solar panels that use LED lights operate off-grid feed batteries during daylight hours to ensure they are powered up at night.

Solar lighting systems use LED lights, which, on average, last up to 50,000 hours. They are significantly more efficient than incandescent lights, which only last around 750-1,000 hours. In addition, traditional lights emit harmful gases into the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide. On the other hand, LED lights do not radiate toxic gases, making them much friendlier to the environment.

Finally, the batteries required for solar lighting are typically rechargeable and recyclable, making them better for the environment than traditional forms of street lighting.

Advantage 2: Cost-Effective Installation

Installing a wired lighting system that is tied to the grid can be a major process, requiring companies to spend a significant amount of time and money on labor costs. Traditional lights also require the installation of meters to measure usage.

In contrast, outdoor solar lighting systems are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. They don’t require the installation of meters or a grid connection, which means they can be up and running in a matter of days, not weeks or longer. Plus, they will last longer than traditional lighting systems, meaning you can spend less time worrying about maintaining and replacing them.

Advantage 3: No Energy Bill

Solar lighting systems may have a higher initial cost than traditional street lighting systems. However, the upside is that they don’t come with an additional energy bill. The energy is created from the sun, which is a natural resource that is available 365 days a year.

As a result, businesses and municipalities that convert from traditional to solar energy will start seeing immediate savings in their monthly energy bills. These savings will equal and eventually surpass the initial upfront cost.

Advantage 4: No Maintenance is Needed

Solar panels are generally easy to maintain and do not require consistent costly maintenance. In addition, they can be naturally cleaned by rain, which can wash away any debris that builds up over time.

The batteries that power solar lighting systems tend to last around five years, while the panels will last ten years or longer. This can represent significant time, money, and resource savings compared with traditional lighting systems that tend to require more frequent maintenance and repair.

Advantage 5: Flexibility

Solar lighting systems can be designed to be portable, so they can be easily moved or relocated as needed. This makes them a flexible solution for temporary lighting requirements or for use in areas where the need for lighting may change over time.

This can be a bonus for cities, governments, colleges, and other organizations trying to determine the best location for solar lighting. In addition, flexibility makes it easier to commit to a solar lighting system, knowing they can be moved if needed or required.

Advantage 6: Durability

Solar lighting systems are designed with durability in mind. This means they are built to withstand extreme weather events, such as extreme heat, cold, snow, ice, wind, rain, and other weather conditions.

Having a durable lighting solution is vital as extreme weather events become ever more prevalent worldwide. Combining durability with flexibility means emergency response teams can utilize solar lighting systems to provide light when it is most needed.

Ready to Try Solar Lighting?

There are many reasons to try solar lighting, from helping the environment to cutting down on labor and overhead costs while resting assured that solar lights will work no matter what is happening outside.

Choosing a solar lighting system that will last as long as possible is essential, regardless of your primary reasons for installing one. At Sol by Sunna Design, we have an industry-leading 10-year warranty on our systems. This ensures that your solar lighting system will continue to operate without interruption for at least ten years.

See for yourself why so many businesses, educational institutions, and municipalities are turning to solar lighting. Contact us to learn more about the EverGen system and how it can provide sustainable illumination in critical areas for years to come.