Solar for your community

Light your roads. Light your trails. Light your entire community. Sol solar lighting offers a practical, money-saving lighting alternative for your remote community or rural area to help increase safety and security. We partner directly with local members of the community, including municipalities, counties, or organizations like Native Energy Solutions in order to provide a customized solution that works. We have completed many successful projects this way, such as pathway lighting for the Lummi Nation, street lights for the Gila River Indian Community, and area lighting for a housing development in Venezuela.

Why does solar work for projects like these? You can avoid damaging the landscape with trenching and preserve the night sky with fixtures that ensure no light or power is wasted. Meanwhile, your community can maintain its independence by avoiding ties to the grid while gaining sustainable solar lighting that won’t be affected by brownouts or blackouts. Inadequate public infrastructure can threaten long-term economic growth, and so improvements can enhance the quality of life for business owners and local citizens alike. Reliable solar lighting is a great place to start.

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Hopefully, this project will become a model for other Tribes and communities, showing that community-driven initiatives like this can happen.” – Robert H. Pell, Project Manager, Lummi Nation Planning Division

>> The Lummi Nation is just one of many remote communities we have worked with over the years. Hover over the map below to explore the solutions we helped provide and how they encouraged economic growth, increased the sense of safety, and improved community connections.

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